Environmental Oversight

In November 2005, the City and County of Denver and LAC established an environmental Oversight Agreement.  The Agreement requires that LAC oversee any excavation of soils on property that is owned by Denver or will be owned by Denver on the former Lowry Air Force Base.  The Agreement further requires LAC to manage environmental contamination on those properties for 10 years. The Agreement provides payment to Denver for remedial, administrative and legal fees associated with the environmental issues related to Lowry.

As part of this agreement, an environmental oversight program is in place to address any unknown conditions encountered during the redevelopment process.  As part of the oversight program, all builders and construction crews must notify LAC before beginning any soil disturbing activities. To date, LAC has provided over 70,000 hours of oversight to various developers.  The guidelines for environmental oversight are described in detail in the Soils Management Plan.

Further information about the Oversight Agreement is provided in a fact sheet