Community Involvement

Lowry Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Formally Adjourned
In accordance with 32 C.F.R. §202.10, Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Adjournment and Dissolution, the former Lowry Air Force Base (Lowry) RAB was formally adjourned in 2009.  The basis for the adjournment and details of the adjournment process are described in detail in the RAB Adjournment Memorandum .
 The Lowry RAB was started in 1994 as the primary mechanism to involve the public throughout the environmental restoration process.  The RAB community members provided input to the decision-makers on restoration issues, and the RAB forum allowed the expression and careful consideration of diverse points of view.  The RAB held monthly meetings from 1994 until 2007 when RAB attendance dropped below a functioning level. 
With the cessation of the RAB meetings and its formal adjournment, LAC provides ongoing public involvement in the cleanup program through this website, dedicated to the environmental cleanup program, continued production of environmental fact sheets when appropriate, and implementation of the updated Community Involvement Plan (CIP), dated November 2013. 
The overall goal of the CIP is to promote continued communication and involvement between LAC and interested community members.  As part of this goal, LAC provides periodic updates to this website as well as prepares an annual status report on the current cleanup program at Lowry.  The 2016 Annual Status Report is available.  If you are interested in receiving future annual status reports, and when available, new fact sheets, please contact us at