Environmental Oversight

In November 2005, the City and County of Denver and LAC established an environmental Oversight Agreement fact sheet. The Agreement required that LAC oversee any excavation of soils on property that is owned by Denver or will be owned by Denver on the former Lowry Air Force Base.  The Agreement further required LAC to manage environmental contamination on those properties for 10 years. The Agreement provided payment to Denver for remedial, administrative and legal fees associated with the environmental issues related to Lowry.

As part of this agreement, an environmental oversight program was put in place to address any unknown conditions encountered during the redevelopment process at Lowry.  All builders and construction crews were required to coordinate with LAC before beginning any soil disturbing activities.  Through the 10-year program, LAC provided over 70,000 hours of oversight to various developers and builders.  With the expiration of the formal environmental oversight program in December 2015, LAC worked with the LRA and CDPHE to establish a notification process for environmental considerations at any future development project at Lowry.  An appendix to the Lowry Community Master Association DesignGuidelines was prepared for the LCMA to provide the appropriate notification to future developers.  The LCMA Board adopted the new appendix in November 2017 and incorporated the notification into their review process upon adoption.This appendix will provide direction on environmental requirements for developers of major construction and renovation projects at Lowry where soil disturbing activities such as foundation excavation, trenching, grading, drilling, or vertical/horizontal boring will occur.